Pungry’s Thirsty: Old Red Eye Root Beer

Old Red Eye Root Beer since 1948 is a bit different from the other root beers I’ve had so far. Not in terms of flavor though. It’s slightly sweeter than both Bergoff’s and Steelhead’s, with more of a honey flavor, but it’s largely the same taste as well. Except for one small thing. Despite having it as its first ingredient, there seems to be less carbonated water than in the other root beers. Most root beers have enough carbonation in their root beer that make bubbles in the ingested liquid, but somehow, Old Red Eye brewery managed to brew a root beer with as little carbonated water as possible. Few bubbles are created as the root beer goes up the neck of the bottle and so it has a more pure taste than the others. Besides that interesting difference, nothing else sets Old Red Eye apart. It’s not a big enough gimmick, but if you need a novelty root beer, ya got one.

Edit: My colleagues tell me the lack of bubbles was because the root beer was flat so maybe I’m wrong about that gimmick. Still, it’s pretty average otherwise so

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