Pungry’s Thirsty: Squamscot Root Beer

I don’t get it. Does every root beer brewer figure that they are making a product for a niche market and figure that there isn’t enough competition to really care that much about making a good root beer? Maybe the fact that this root beer is from New Hampshire is the reason for the disappointment. All the cargo sloshing around in barrels as the plane carrying it hits turbulence while traveling against the jet stream is a possible excuse. Another good one is the fact that we’ve had this root beer in the fridge for a week and a half and haven’t looked at the expiration date once in that time.

It doesn’t seem like it’d be hard to make a good root beer, or at least one that has some semblance of flavor, but there haven’t been too many alright gourmet root beers. With all that in mind, I guess that Squamscot root beer is average, compared to its competition.

There’s like 100 root beers in The Root Beer Store and somehow only two have been above-average. Do some experimentation! That’s the reason why Big E’s is the best. It has taste and its taste is different than the rest.

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