Pungry’s Thirsty: Mt. Angel’s Root Beer

I could write this review the same exact way I wrote the last one. I had come home from 12 hours of being at school and a frustrating tennis match that featured a ball coming two inches away from my face at 80 MPH. Or I could make dumb metaphors again. Or I could do something different.

UNLIKE THIS ROOT BEER!!!! I don’t understand why almost every root beer I’ve had puts the words “old-fashioned” somewhere on the label. This one’s the worst about it since the old-fashioned part is written in the follow-through of the “r” in “beer”. Are they aiming for the large market of Prohibition survivors?

Anyway, this root beer is the first in a while that has had actual taste to it. It’s got more of a licorice tang than anything else. Not quite as sweet as most other root beers, which is fine. It’s probably the second best root beer I’ve had to review or maybe the best since I can’t remember which one would be better. It’s a little sad that it is second best but whatevs. Maybe I’ve gotten unlucky with the root beer harvest twice now.

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Making strained metaphors funny.
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