Pungry’s Thirsty: Gale’s Root Beer

It’s homecoming week at my high school! Everyone’s going out together to a restaurant and the dance afterward and having a ball. Except for me. I took the SAT then stayed home alone all night (one of the people I talked to there also had the same plan, so I don’t feel as bad) and got as drunk off of root beer as you can feasibly get.

I say this because today was the easiest day to please me with something sweet. I usually don’t put much stock in the bottling, but Gale’s Root Beer scared me at first because the hand-drawn picture looked really unappealing and there was a short story about how a chef from England got a dog, called it Rootie, and then came to the US to make root beer. The fact that a chef made the root beer was what stood out to me the most.

I’m am happy to say, that despite the superfluous shortcomings, the root beer was actually really good. It had a strong licorice taste with some sassafras and a short but sweet finish. Better than most other root beers! Don’t know what else to say. It wasn’t that racy, but it was mildly flirty I suppose. A little rambunctious, but hey, if that’s the worst part about a soda, that’s pretty good.

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