Pungry’s Thirsty: Abita! Root Beer

Well, I finally moseyed on down to the saloon to restock on root beer. The first one there that struck my eye was this little number due to it’s strange bottle. Now, I’m not saying it’s fat, I’m just saying that it’s belly is classified as a planet by NASA.

The actual taste of the root beer is a bit subtler than most. It isn’t quite as sweet as your average root beer. I’m sure a mature person would be down with this root beer, but speaking as someone who’s quite immature, I don’t like it. The whole appeal of root beer to little kids is that it’s a sweet drink with a little bit of extra spice, not something subdued. I come home from a long, boring football game where I have to scream a bunch, and the root beer I pick out for drinking is trying to be flirty than bold, of course I’m not gonna like it. There is definitely some odes to flavor in the elixir, but it’s about as strong of a spice as a Barq’s root beer; i.e.: not enough to justify the lack of sweetness. Pass.

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