Pungrie’s Thirstie: Frostie’s Vanilla Root Beer






I’ve had it with the old-fashioned, stuck-in-the-past, anti-progressive root beer regime! I’m having something that’s different this time! Something without spice or sassafras! They say “Be the change you want to see” or in capitalism, “buy the change you want to see”, and I want to see some changes!

You know that Coldplay song “Fix You”? And especially that one line “When you get what you want but not what you need”? Well I have and I completely identify with that line. I wanted something new, and got it. But it was not what I needed to have. Frostie’s was sold to me as a root beer that tasted like a root beer float. Instead, I got vanilla ice cream that was melted. By trying to make something different from a normal root beer, the makers of Frostie’s went too far and made something that shouldn’t be called a root beer. Oh well, maybe the next try at something different will be better.

About pungry

Making strained metaphors funny.
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