Pungry’s Thirsty: Old Town Root Beer 66

Ah my favorite settlement from a long time ago, “Old Town”. What a great place, with its old-fashioned gas pumps (with attendants!), Leave it to Beaver sensibilities, long stretches of dirt road and wild, old people, and,  of course, its root beer. Back in the good old days, Root Beer meant something to the kids. It wasn’t like how it is today, what with Taylor Swift beverage and Kanye “Best” ginger ale. No, we used to have pride in our frosty drinks and made them with the finest of care.

Which brings me to Old Town Root Beer 66. I assume 66 is the number of root beers they tested before being approved, like Preparation H, but it could also be the name of one of the grandest roads in the U.S.: Street of 66th. This tying of root beer to history could have been great but uh this root beer is really bland. The first taste seemed really strong and the long neck of the bottle sounded cool, but after that the root beer lost all flavor. Oh well!

As a side note, this is the first time pungry.com has had seven days in a row of having at least one view since the summer of ’09 when this was started! I’d like to thank all my loyal fans for this honor, and hope I can do the best to retain your interest in these words of mine.


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