Pungry’s Thirsty: Red Arrow Root Beer

Ah thank goodness, a root beer that’s not stuck in the past. As past root beer reviews have shown, what was good enough for the old folks when they were young is no longer good enough in this busy dog-eat-dog modern era. And it shows, by tasting exactly like those root beer candies you get from the bowl of hard candy at a dry cleaners. After all, what is more modern than a dry cleaner’s hard candy?

I actually really like root beer hard candy, so this is actually a much better root beer than average. It isn’t a complex taste, but it is good. There’s not much more to say. Well, I do get paid by the word, so I’ll keep trying to describe it. The initial taste of it is sweet and then quickly fizzles out, so as you drink the root beer it feels like you get less and less of the flavor as your tongue gets used to it. Then at the end of a swig, there’s a slight herbal flavor that kicks in and flees just as quickly as the other taste. This is pretty much average root beer.

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