Pungry’s Thirsty: Iron Horse Root Beer

I saved this one for last because my mom said that it looked the “most competent” out of all the root beers in the store. I started drinking this thing while my mom was at a live performance by Lyle Lovitt and after I sang along to the entire “Some Nights” album by fun. Yes I do have that memorized. I was also trying to get past a bug in Backyard Baseball 2003 that prevents me from advancing past the first playoff round (and that bug is not me being too awful to win, I can show you a screenshot), so I was extremely thirsty when I decided to get the root beer out of the fridge. The bottle was next to the cauliflower, and I thought to myself “I hope that bitterness doesn’t affect the taste of the root beer.” After that, I went and opened up the bottle with our official Simpsons bottle opener. It’s supposed to be able to have Homer say something like “Mmm beer” or whatever, but the batteries are dead since it’s so old. Then I went back to my chair and went on to my blog to give myself a pity view before logging in and writing this review. I got distracted and also checked the NHL scores (man Blue Jackets, y’all suck). Then I wrote the title of the review, and finally took the first sip.

It tasted the same as Red Arrow’s, and I was disappointed.

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