Pungry’s Thirsty: Teddy’s Root Beer

Our great president Tedsworth “Teddy” Roosevelt apparently had, in his will, a clause to make a root beer distillery in Everett over a hundred years after his death. Either that, or it was another public works project that Congress put off to the side for a very long time. Regardless, there’s a Unique Brewing Factory that’s putting out weird-shaped bottles of this stuff every day. I mean, it’s a 26 ounce bottle. Who makes things in 26 ounces? Is there a reason that this thing isn’t as large as a liter or as small as a 12 ouncer? This is just bizarre.

The root beer itself is pretty typical. And I would know, I had a Thomas Kemper root beer the day before, and that was average. It tastes bland. There’s nothing out there setting it apart. The label tells me that it’s premium made. Did they hire really good workers and forget the ingredients? There still hasn’t been a root beer as good as Eazy E’s since I started this quest. Maybe one day I’ll find another good root beer.

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