Pungry’s Thirsty: Boylan’s Birch Beer

Finally, we’re back!! Or, rather, I’m back. Back to my duties of reviewing soda. Man, it’s been a while. So, how are the kids over there? Oh, she’s going to college now? Nice. Yeah, I finally got off my butt and headed over to the soda store and came back poorer in money, but richer in knowledge.

See, I learned that root beer is made up of three roots: sarsaparilla, birch, and licorice. And a normal root beer is a combination of all three roots, hence the name roots beer. So I figured I should try specialty sodas that are just each individual root, but I never got one that was pure licorice. Instead, I got sarsaparilla and birch sodas, a regular root beer, and a ginger ale with a penguin on it. I figured I should start with the birch one.

So, Boylan’s Birch Beer. No alcohol, fortunately. Birch is what gives a wintergreen taste to root beer and it comes off strong in this one. It tastes like those Life Saver wintergreen mints except more concentrated. Also, it doesn’t spark in the dark, which is unfortunate. It’s a pretty good soda as is, but I can see why they mixed this with other roots cause it’s a bit one-note. And to bring back a classic Pungry saying, one-note, but a good one-note.

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