Pungry’s Thirsty: Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer Born in Brooklyn, USA

I’m not sure I trust the claim that this root beer is truly “Olde”. After all, it didn’t even spell Brooklynne correctly. I must say, I really like the bottlecap.

Hmm yes Etsy I would pay over $10 for this

Anyway, I’m glad that there’s a root beer out there that’s proud to be old-fashioned, just like the best generations were. These dang millenials are always on their iPhones looking up “Buzzfeed’s top 10 new Mountain Dew flavors for the layabouts other hardworking Americans have to pay for with our tax money” and I’m sick of it! Thank god for Olde Brooklyn bringing back America’s old working-class with root beer.

Ah! That hits the spot! Classic root beer is supposed to take like sweetened tap water, and Olde Brooklyn gets that perfectly with its understated flavor. I bet most millenials wouldn’t appreciate this because it doesn’t provide the instant gratification they get from their Facebooks, but I find it immensely gratifying. Thank you, Olde Brooklyn for making everything olde new again.

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1 Response to Pungry’s Thirsty: Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer Born in Brooklyn, USA

  1. How dare you drive around in your burgundy ’77 Monte Carlo while mocking Millennials pecking at Facebook on their hoverboards! Get with the times, Pungry, and stick with your “punny” root beer reviews (jess kiddin’)!

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