Pungry’s Thirsty: Drive-In Style Dog n Suds Root Beer

You know, I didn’t think that root beer would ever be a field that attracted low-effort offerings considering how obscure the field is, but here we are. Dog n Suds is apparently like A&W in that it was a restaurant before becoming a root beer, but there’s a reason that you’ve heard of A&W root beer and not Dog n Suds root beer. This stuff is lame. There isn’t even a flavor to this one. This is the Bud Light of root beer. Drinkability is its only quality. Although this can’t even get you drunk. Come on, Dog n Suds. At least try next time. The label is lame as heck and badly packed, the soda tastes like water, and I’m pretty sure the dog isn’t even a real chef.

About pungry

Making strained metaphors funny.
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1 Response to Pungry’s Thirsty: Drive-In Style Dog n Suds Root Beer

  1. Every dog has its day….or not, as the root beer floats…

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