Pungry’s Thirsty: Ozark Mountain Bottleworks Root Beer

Aw yeah, boys. See that boring, no-nonsense piece of packaging up above? With only the superfluous “bottleworks” on it? That’s a great sign for a great root beer. The less spent on packaging (theoretically) means the more spent on taste. And Ozark Mountain Root Beer delivers. Refreshing, smooth, and with a cool wintergreen aftertaste, there’s nothing to complain about with the root beer. It tried to hit a single and hit a double. It’s the role playing veteran on a basketball team that knows why it’s played and executes to the tune of 10 points, 3 assists, and 18 minutes of playtime. It’s all good, not quite great. The New Balances of root beers.

About pungry

Making strained metaphors funny.
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