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My Robot Girlfriend is “Up to Date” But Still Won’t Go Out With Me

Yeah, tech support? Hello? …Hi, I’m a long-time owner of one of your models and, before I go further, boy is she gorgeous. But I’ve had the same problem for the past year: my robot girlfriend has always been “up … Continue reading

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Had A Beer 4 Days Ago, But I Think I’m Over It

Ha ha ha… listen. I need to tell you something important. I know I’m the DD for you and all, but just hear me out. …Okay, I’m ready to tell you. Now, when I tell you, promise to not get … Continue reading

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New Year, New Q&A Mix CD!

Well, those knuckleheads at Q&A esq. inc. have decided to put out another hour-twenty of barely-tolerable music. It’s only natural for them to include a 2000 word post about the meaning behind it as well. And since it’s not like … Continue reading

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