CeilingFans and CeilingFoes

Hot off the major success that was the DoorYeahs and DoorNahs (pronounced Britishly to sound like doorknob, for your information), Pungry is back on the architecture beat. This time: the ceiling. I before e except after c was invented for this crucial part of the room. You can spell “lie” out of the letters that make up ceiling, but this is no lie; without the ceiling, everything would come crashing down. As such, we’ve rounded up our picks for the biggest CeilingFans and CeilingFoes for helping anyone out of their ceiling rut.

CeilingFan: An edible popcorn ceiling! Pass the butter!
CeilingFoe: An inedible popcorn ceiling. Butter not eat this.

CeilingFan: A ceiling that clears 10′!
CeilingFoe: A ceiling that clears 10″. This joke only works in print!

CeilingFan: A low hanging ceiling! It adds so much depth!
CeilingFoe: Low hanging ceiling fruit. Too easy a joke.

CeilingFan: Can’t stop the ceiling! No “trolls” here, just a great song.
CeilingFoe: Like the ceiling can’t hold us. The ceiling collapsing is bad, Macklemore!

CeilingFan: A ceiling with a skylight. Skylight, sky bright. First sky I see tonight.
CeilingFoe: A ceiling that’s just the sky. Brr.

CeilingFan: A ceiling with upholstery! Carpet from top to bottom!
CeilingFoe: A ceiling with downholstery! I don’t even know what that is!

CeilingFan: A retractable roof. Raising the roof… in value!
CeilingFoe: A detractable roof. Lowering the roof… in value.

CeilingFan: The dropped ceiling. Can’t beat the classics.
CeilingFoe: A ceiling that drops to the floor. Look out below.

CeilingFan: Ceiling Team Six. USA, USA, USA.
CeilingFoe: Ceiling Team Five. They failed their mission.

CeilingFan: Painting your ceiling like the sky. Just imagine being outside while being inside. Genius.
CeilingFoe: Painting your ceiling like a cave. Oh god, those stalactites are going to fall on me.

CeilingFan: A literal glass ceiling. Hope no birds get confused!
CeilingFoe: The metaphorical glass ceiling. Hope no members of the audience get confused, since this is real.

CeilingFan: Raising the roof. Woop woop!
CeilingFoe: Bringing the house down.

I think I’ve hit the ceiling in terms of possible jokes in this format. Thanks for reading!


Awful. Just awful. They say the sky is the limit but clearly someone put a ceiling instead. These jokes were sold to us as high-floor, high-ceiling jokes, but they ended up being low-floor, lower-ceiling. If that’s possible. No, the floor is always below the ceiling. I don’t know. If someone thinks that article was funny the world would truly be upside down.

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  1. Henry Turner says:

    Put a lid on it!

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