Cool April Fool’s Day Pranks to Pull on Your Housemate!

April Fool’s Day is here, and it’s time to start the pranks! Here’s a list of sick pranks that are sure to piss your housemate or roommate off!

Spoil the Plots of New TV Shows and Movies in Conversation! Your roommate may not have seen Black Panther or Ready Player One, but boy is he about to hear all about it when you bring it up at absolutely random times! Even something as bland as “What’s up, dude” just naturally flows right into “Rosebud is the name of his sled”! Dude-tacular prank, broski!

Pretend to Never Hear What They Say! You can spoil every conversation by no-selling whatever the heck that talking head just said! You don’t even need to wear headphones, but man does it make it more plausible, especially when that dang knucklehead is yelling at you to do obnoxious, anti-radical things like “do your dishes”! Speaking of which!

Never Do Your Dishes! A closely related sick prank is to never take out the trash! And don’t forget to forget your laundry and let that lie around as well! Leaving out dirty stuff for other people to deal with because they’re your slave is an awesome prank to do! Only the best housemates do this!

Consistently Remind Them You Have a Girlfriend and They Don’t! You don’t even need to have a girlfriend to pull this one off! You can just pretend to call someone every night, talk on the phone with them for an hour, and then continually say it’s a long distance relationship! No one will ever get suspicious, but it’ll get on your roommate’s nerves! PRANKED!

Drink your roommate’s Mountain Dew! Man, don’t we all just love the sweet, crisp taste of Mountain Dew! I’m pretty sure your roommate actually likes Mountain Dew the most out of everyone in Skidmore so taking it away from him is a totally bodacious prank! This prank registers as a Code Red because that will be the shade of your roommate’s face when he finds out!

I know these pranks are all epic and for the win, but remember my dudes that this is all in good fun: because nothing is worse than a horrible roommate! If tensions start running high after any of these sick pranks, just say “dude, chill” or “it’s only a joke, bro”, and they’ll be sure to take it really well! That’s all the time I’ve got, though, I gotta steal my housemate’s six-pack! No, not his abs, I already have those! I’m taking my advice and his Mountain Dew! Catch you on the kick-flip, players!

Intern, this content is already two days late. Uh, April Fools. Intern… that joke is already overplayed and bad. Whatever. I’m just annoyed that this is the first time in months we speak and it’s you complaining at me. Well what else am I supposed to complain about? You’re the editorial intern, not the content intern. I can’t whine at you for not making new content. Have you considered not whining at all? …Haha, alright, nice April Fool’s Day joke.

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