There are TWO fun. Albums

Some nights, I stay up cursing my bad luck that the supergroup band fun. broke up years ago. These guys were absolute stars for the great year of 2012, when we still had President Obama and everything felt all alright. But then, they did break up, and left us all alone. I cursed myself saying “why am I the one” and tried to carry on, I’ve sorely missed the indie pop group that always made it great to go out on the town. Then I realized that it gets better, because fun. actually has released two albums.

That’s right, those mad geniuses of pop (who deserved the Pulitzer Prize for music way before Kendrick Lamar), pushed out their debut album Aim and Ignite back in 2009. I wanna be the one to tell you that it is just as good if not better than Some Nights. I first put it on when I was walking the dog away from all the barlights on Saturday night.

It was an incredible walk; one foot after the other started flying, and I could not tell myself to be calm enough. All the pretty girls I walked by looked at me like I was crazy, but all I wanted to ask them was if they wanted to light a Roman candle with me. They only wanted to light their Benson Hedges. All I can say is that at least I’m not as sad as I used to be because I found out there are two fun. albums. I’m not going to be the gambler that bets they’ll be back anytime soon for a third album, but I, and the rest of the world, am ready to scream We Are Young once more.

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3 Responses to There are TWO fun. Albums

  1. Julianna Hauri says:

    Wait bro you didn’t know about aim and ignite????? I had the opportunity to teach YOU about excellent music and I missed it. I have failed.

  2. Two fun. Albums – double platinum yahoohoo!!!

  3. Hank Turner says:

    Benson Hedges? Famous for their slogan, “I’d rather fight than switch”

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