Super Mario Strikers Analysis

Hoo boy. This is a blog post over a year and a half in the making. I love the video game Super Mario Strikers. It was a sports game released for the Gamecube in December 2005. It was received with a “meh” reaction from critics who found the game extremely shallow. The game’s developers over at Next Level Games clearly agreed and updated the gameplay significantly for the Wii sequel Mario Strikers Charged.

But I loved the original base game, and I’ve played it ever since it came out. And after 13 years of playing it, I decided to test the reviewers’ claims of shallowness and samey-ness. See, you can choose between 9 captains and 4 sidekicks to make a team in Strikers, but it doesn’t seem like there are any real differences between the teams in terms of performance. There aren’t obvious differences in stats between players as there are in Mario Strikers Charged. But I wanted to find out if that was truly the case.

To do so, I played 533 games of Strikers and kept track of the major stats in every game. I wanted to see if there were any differences between teams’ performances. Along the way, I also figured out if there were noticeable differences between stadiums, what captains and sidekicks played the best as opponents, and a billion other small things about the game. Every piece of analysis is written in the Word file below.

Word file with all the analysis:

If you’re here for the raw numbers, you can take a look at the incomprehensible Excel spreadsheet I put all the data in.

Excel file of all the data:

Finally, if you aren’t interested in these longform pieces of insane analysis, you can watch this highlight video of all the cool goals scored along the way instead.

The cool as heck Youtube video compiling all the goals:

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One Response to Super Mario Strikers Analysis

  1. Henry Turner says:

    Truly an impressive body of work. The National Science Foundation has been investigating the best approach to Super Mario research and you have nailed it with an awesome sidekick!

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