Blue Coins in Your Apartment Super Mario Sunshine Guide

Super Mario Sunshine is a great game, but it can be difficult to find all 240 blue coins to 100% it. Especially when you thought you collected all of the ones in a certain act, but actually missed some. That’s why I’ve written this checklist to finding all 30 blue coins located in Your Apartment.

Available in all episodes (except episode 2):

-Spray between the cushions on the main sofa. It’ll reveal a blue coin and some old food crumbs.

-Hidden in the lampshade over in the corner of the main room.

-In the back of the fridge behind the three-week old lentil soup (cover Mario’s nose with the helmet before trying to reach).

-Underneath the table you and your ex-girlfriend picked out and bought together but she left it when she moved out in a hurry and every time you place your beer on it you remember all the good times you guys had eating chips and dip while watching other people play Fortnite. Anyway, it’s not hidden once you’re under there.

-Spray down the abstract painting your parents are letting you borrow–it’s not of anything in specific, but the shapes and colors combine to give you a vague sense of dread. That one. Not the other one of a flower.

-Clean the grime off the stack of dishes and silverware in the sink that your roommate said they’d clean weeks ago and never did and it’s gross.

-Shoot the coin return button on the washer in the laundry room and laugh at the moron who put a blue coin in instead of actual yellow currency. What a dingus!

-Underneath one of the laundry piles on the floor is a red X. Clean off the red X, and a blue coin will appear where the other red X under the laundry pile on the bed. Rush over there with the turbo nozzle to retrieve it.

-The paired red X coin under the bed’s laundry pile with the above blue coin.

-Shoot down all the coat hangers. It won’t appear until every single one in your room has been shot down. Even the secret hidden coat hanger that you use for a towel holder in the bathroom because there’s no towel racks.

-Hidden on the inside of the pot holding the one houseplant you tried to keep but still managed to kill despite watering it and giving it plenty of sunlight is a red M. Spray it off to receive a blue coin.

-If you spray the cover of your coffee table book titled “Architecture in the Early 80s” that you’ve never opened and no one has ever been impressed with, the cover will lift, and a blue coin will appear.

-Place a banana from the counter in the coffee grinder, and a blue coin will pop out.

-Spray the unnecessary corner in the hallway that has literally no purpose. A small niche will open in the wall, and a blue coin will be inside it.

-Spray the light fixture in your bedroom. Short-circuiting it will cause a blue coin to appear, and actually fix the weird 1970s “future-forward” design.

-Hose down the water cooler/heating unit(?) in your kitchen that is a tripping hazard. Doing so will knock off the grate. Climb inside a bit (but not too far to go into Episode 6’s The Kitchen’s Secret area!), take a right, and walk until you reach the coin.

-Wall jump up the decorative chimney after dousing out the electronic fire. A blue coin awaits at the top.

-Spray the mirror that is fixed to your wall in a spot that no light can actually hit it, rendering it impossible to use as a mirror. A blue shine sprite will start to appear. Keep spraying the mirror until the shine sprite is fully painted, and a blue coin will come out.

-Spray your clothing rack of branded shirts from every crappy job you’ve worked at but never had the heart to donate. Even the one covered in pizza dust that gets all your shirts dirty. A blue coin will appear if you hit the center of the clothing rack.

-Use Yoshi to spray the shower head off its fixture. A bunch of bees will come out of the shower head. Eat them all, and the last one will be a blue coin.

-Spray the rack of obscure medieval weapons hanging on your bedroom wall that you accidentally ordered during late-night drunk eBay browsing that scares everyone that comes into your bedroom because seriously you couldn’t find a storage facility for this and you try to justify it as burglar protection but it’s likely that a burglar will get a weapon before you do and man you really should get rid of this stuff by selling it to another drunk dude on eBay. Hit the polearm’s head to receive the blue coin.

-Spray your old laptop that you only use as a “second” monitor to watch TV while doing important stuff on your other laptop. Spray it until it blows up in smoke (don’t worry, it’ll respawn with no damage the next time you warp in). You’ll get a regular coin, but it’ll feel good. The blue coin is right behind the laptop, hidden by the camera.

-It’s literally right behind the main door that opens when you enter the level. The main door that can’t properly close and makes you cold during the winter.

-In episode 3, there’s a Pianta on fire running around your kitchen. Why haven’t you put him out? Dude? Hello? You’re really just gonna let a Pianta burn to death in your kitchen? Not cool, bro. Spray the fire out and he’ll give you a blue coin.

-Pet your cat (when she isn’t hiding, which is only episode 3) to earn a blue coin.

-Spray the blue bird that is flying around the living room in episode 4 three times and it’ll transform into a blue coin. Don’t think too hard about how that bird got in there, or how water turns it into a blue coin.

-Snuff out the incense candle. But check out the flavor text on it first. What does it say? “L is Real 2041”? What on earth does that smell like? A blue coin will appear when the flame is gone.

-Dust off the guitar stored in the back of the closet area that you got as a gift from your uncle in high school and said you were gonna practice all the time and be the lead guitarist and vocalist for the next Coldplay but then never ended up playing it and every time you look at it you’re reminded of what you really am and it’s not like you to say sorry (that’s a nickelback reference) but you still feel like you let your high school self down but then again your high school self let himself down plenty of times considering what happened with you and Felicity but regardless if you spray the top string, bottom string, and middle string on this weird three-string fake guitar, a blue coin will pop out of the soundhole.

-In episode 8, talk to your landlord that’s been waiting for you to pay last month’s rent, and give him the ten coins you owe him for the month. If you do so, he’ll give you a blue coin as a going-away gift for paying on time every month. What a great landlord, even if he didn’t fix the plumbing in the seven years you lived there.

-Also in episode 8, while you take one last long look at your former home, spray the light just above the main entrance door that hasn’t worked since you moved in. A blue coin will pop out, completing the circuit, and the light will flick back on to wish you goodbye.

And there you have it. All 30 blue coins in Your Apartment in Super Mario Sunshine. Be sure to like and subscribe, and, if you’re feeling real generous, hit that bell for notifications whenever the next Gamer Compass comes out. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Fantastic! I love SM Sunshine!

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