Nintendo Leaker Vindicated By Direct Mentioning “Mario”

Prominent Nintendo leaker “DecayDonkeyKong” gazed into his crystal ball, and correctly foretold that the beloved video game company would announce the name “Mario” during the most recent Nintendo Direct. In his now-deleted tweet (deleted in order to protect his sources, not because he got it wrong, of course) that reached over 100k likes and 50k retweets, “Decay the Leak-ey”, as he’s known, wrote “heard rumblings from my source that this next direct will probably mention Mario’s name, and maybe also Zelda’s”.

Decay was vindicated when the Nintendo Direct did exactly that, by mentioning Mario fifteen minutes into the twenty minute presentation of upcoming Switch games announced when the iconic character was said to be a playable character in Pikmin 5.

“Man, when the other games of Paper F-Zero, Chibi Robo Country Returns, Fire Emblem Golf, Super Smash Metroid Prime, and Star Fox Splatoon got announced before Pikmin 5, I was sweating bullets. I thought that my source had lied to me, just like when they lied a few years back about Super Mario Strikers 3 being a launch title for the Switch. So man it was a huge relief for me to have 500 Twitter notifications, and all of them were positive. Except the ones from the Sony bots tweeting at me for ‘Nintendoh’s creative bankruptcy’,” said Decay.

Decay hopes to parlay his 100% accurate Twitter leaks into a v-tubing career.

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2 Responses to Nintendo Leaker Vindicated By Direct Mentioning “Mario”

  1. Nice call, Nintendo Leaker DecayDonkeyKong!!!! So glad Pungry got the scoop.

    Xxoxox, Mama

  2. jettpredovic says:


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