Q&A: Under a Ladder, Over the Moon!

It’s been three years since the last Q&A press release–I don’t think that’s how the Barenaked Ladies song goes. And it’s been two years since they finished their most recent Q&A mix CD. Because of, uh, supply chain issues, yes, the duo hasn’t been able to put together their usual buffoonery. I’d say it’s pretty UNusual buffoonery if it’s taken them this long. Alright I admit it. I ran out of things to write about for this month, so I’m putting this together now.

He--he oh. I’m sorry. You go fi–you go fi. Oh man. It’s been a while. And using videochat to try and put this together is just making it–so dang hard. That’s right, A. It’s been a tough three years. Very little good music has come out since our previous mix CD. And we’re not saying that because we’re old! Music has definitely gotten worse as the bad guys have been getting driver’s licenses! I’m so grateful I don’t need to drive, living in a city, where you know you have to survive. You wouldn’t survive a Texas city. And proud of it! Alright, enough stalling, let’s talk about this.

So, the weird title. “Under a Ladder”. This is our 13th mix CD, and we didn’t want to just call it “Unlucky” to mirror our 7th mix CD being called “Lucky”. So I started thinking about “what is considered unlucky” for inspiration. At the time, I didn’t have own the black cat named Kitty that I own now, so it didn’t come up. And other unlucky things are just weird. Breaking a mirror, not knocking on wood (rest in peace Mighty Mighty Bosstones), stepping on a crack, just a lot of weird things. Including walking under a ladder, which is unlucky in the same way that it’s not kosher to eat pig meat: it’s to get you out of trouble. Anyway, it felt like the best superstition because…

This Ladder is Ours – The Joy Formidable

This ladder is ours! And we’re “going under” by listening to this mix CD. I don’t know, it’s very flimsy justification. Yeah. Not like any of our other mix CDs have good titles that make sense. Looking at you, Feist the Geist’s Heist. I’m very glad that mix CD was only ever played once, and I wasn’t there. Let’s focus on this mix CD. Always love to start with high energy stuff, and the loudest band in Ireland since U2 brings the energy. Elevate my soul, as they say. I found what I was looking for, and it’s this song. Though I would’ve liked to have Whirring on here. Too bad it’s 8 minutes long and impossible to edit. Ooh, good segue. This is the first mix CD that there has been “post-post production”. In order to fit everything in here, I had to cut some intros and outros. Like 30 seconds of this song’s intro was cut. Which I kinda regret, but, whatever.

Me & You Together Song – The 1975

Sticking with the early United Kingdom theme is this nostalgia bait track. I’ll admit that I never heard any songs from the 2000s that sounded like this. I was too busy listening to good Maroon 5 which doesn’t exist. Sorry? The videochat cut out for a second. Nothing! I was just mentioning the dream I had where we went to Winter Wonderland. This CD came out in the summer! Who can possibly remember anything that happened two years ago? You apparently remember this sound! Wrong The 1975 song.

Quarter Past Midnight – Bastille

What time are you writing this? 8 PM. Why? Oh, no reason. Yeah, I like UK music. So what? U OK? Boomer? Heh. Now that’s a topically funny reference. Bastille’s relevancy is only slightly older than that joke. I still liked Doom Days, even if I didn’t really like anything since. Ah well. This early part of the mix CD is just fun pop songs. Not much to say. There’s never much to say. Just listen! So can we just send the rest of this blank? No one would care.

Headlights – Morning Parade

Hey look! Another British pop song! Now this is a throwback. 2014 was only 50 years ago. Not that long. That’s the 90s. Close enough. This band never even qualified as a one-hit wonder, but they were close to breaking through with their debut album. Anyone signed to the same label as Coldplay got close. Hope they aren’t dealing with that morning parade all the time that the band was ironically named after. Morning parade is traffic, for the record. And it’s time to continue driving through this mix CD!

Magic – Wild Cub

Finally an American pop song that sounds like every other song on this mix CD! We did it, Reddit. The narwhal bacons at midnight and all that. Are there stairs in your house? Man, maybe we really should just leave the rest of this blank. But then what will you read late at night when you’re sad? Uh, poetry? Maybe? You hate poetry. Maybe. But I like poetic song lyrics, like “true words are fire, fire”. I’m 100% sure the songwriters on that Wild Cub album recycled the same 5 words for every song there. Not a problem if it was good, like this song was.

Gloria – The Lumineers

This is the first real tonal shift on the CD. We go from synthy, sleek guitar pop to acoustic, sleek guitar pop. Enough is enough, I said. At this point. Which is why I cut the song like 10 seconds or so. I’m cutting this segment 10 seconds or so! You can’t do that! This is text

Church – Coldplay

I thought you don’t like putting Coldplay on these? Yeah. Well. Whatever. You’ll see from this segment that I just wanted some slightly moodier songs, and I felt that transitioning from The Lumineers into them made the most sense. This isn’t even that moody! It’s a very upbeat Coldplay song that doesn’t use guitars! That’s very moody. It’s Coldplay, they’re the moodiest band ever. I guess you truly don’t know Coldplay after all. I always knew you were a fake fan. Yes, I am. If you’ve gotten this far, congrats. You know my dirtiest secret.

The Walker – Christine and the Queens

As someone who walks everywhere, I think about this song a lot. Specifically the part where Christine says she offers her chin to anyone who thinks she looked at them funny so they can retaliate. That is very weird. Uh, not as weird as you! Gottem. Is France part of the United Kingdom? I feel like it is. Oh dear. We’re actually going to start world war three by saying stuff like that. Well, it’s like they always say: make a cover of Love by Kendrick Lamar, not war.

Love – CHVRCHES (Cover of Kendrick Lamar)

Great saying. Love this cover. It was only done live once on a radio segment and never again by CHVRCHES. But that’s fine. We got the recording so it can last forever. Like the Echosmith song! Or the Naked and Famous song! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Plenty of time for those two bands soon enough. Let’s stay focused on Kendrick Lamar. The original is great, but man I love this cover. Just the way Lauren screams “love me” is so good. And the swelling synths–perfect. When I was trying to get through the early parts of the supply chain issues, listening and re-listening to this song got me through.

Push Pull – Purity Ring

And this song got me through a different tough time in my life. Two very strange throwbacks on this mix. Especially now that we’re two years of music since we put this out so there’s way less room for old stuff like this. But I like old stuff. Heck, I might put Tarzan Boy by Baltimora on the next mix CD. But you hate 80s music. All synth music is 80s music. Including this track. Also surprising you’d ever admit you liked a Purity Ring song. Yeah… but here we are.

The Water Beneath You – The Naked and Famous

And this ends the trilogy of synthpop with female vocalists. What an epic trilogy. Way better than the new Star Wars trilogy! I’ve seen one Star Wars: the final Star War. The one everyone loves? Nice. Yep. And everyone loves The Water Beneath You, the huge hit by The Naked and Famous. Not much else to say.

The City We Grow – Atlas Genius

I really like how we laid these songs back to back as we once again transition back to sleek synthguitar pop songs. Yeah, Naked and Famous don’t have guitars but Atlas Genius does while also having synths and a structure similar to The Water Beneath You. Pretty great sequencing by me because I am smart. I like it more than our weird narrative mix CDs. Yeah…


Today’s blog post is sponsored by Baltimora and their debut album “Living in the Background”. The next time you think of Tarzan, don’t think of Disney: think of Baltimore, Italy. Oh oh oh oh oh.

If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) – The 1975

Speaking of the 80s, The 1975. Pretty much the 80s in sound according to people who listen to 80s music. Which I do, but I know you don’t. Except for Tarzan Boy. Man, I think my next mix CD is just going to be Tarzan Boy for an hour and twenty minutes. What a song. But if you’re too shy to do that, let me know. Oh, right. This song. Had to cut out two minutes of intro and outtro on this one. Worth it!

Red – Pale Waves

Oh, and I know red is your favorite color. And I know you can’t see red. But I forget it all the time. Yeah, that’s just how it is for people who live with these hidden disabilities. I may look and act normal, but there’s always something a bit off with me compared to normal people, and there’s just not much I can do other than deal with it. Can’t really expect society to change for me, sadly. Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot more sympathetic to these hidden disabilities after reading Katawa Shoujo, a visual novel about dating disabled women. We are so far off track. Great reference to the literal English translation of “katawa shoujo”, which means something close to “a woman who is like a cart missing a wheel”. And I think you are wheely missing the point of these things. Isn’t it to just write 10,000 words that I’ll re-read in seven months and laugh about?

Lost Somebody – Echosmith

Thinking that way is how you lost somebody. Ah man! I hate losing somebodies! Why can’t I lose nobodies? Because Kingdom Hearts is not a documentary. Wrong! Kingdom Hearts does affect real life! Al Micheals was traded to NBC so ABC/Disney could get the rights to using Pete the Cat in a video game! Everyone knows that trade was made so that Pete the Cat could be used in Epic Mickey, not Kingdom Hearts. Uh. Uh. I’ve always said that the pandemic was hardest on Echosmith. They released Lonely Generation one month before the world was gripped by COVID, and the world could no longer be gripped by Lost Somebody, Diamonds, or, my favorite, Shut Up and Kiss Me. If it’s your favorite, why isn’t it on here? I was too embarrassed.

Lately – Metronomy

Lately I’ll call you when I do nothing, but I’ve been doing a lot and thus haven’t called you. Must be nice! Eh, it must be nice getting paid enough to sit around at home the majority of your workday. I’ll have you know I spent 15 hours working this week. That’s the most I’ve had to in 3 months! Brutal stuff as baseball starts back up. I’m going to ignore this and bring up the fact that Metronomy’s new album has a song that’s probably going on the next mix CD. Yeah, the band is consistent for getting one and exactly one song on my mixes. Except for She Wants The Bay on the first mix CD which everyone loved. Great point, maybe every mix CD should have two Metronomy songs. Maybe you should try calling me when you have nothing else going on. I can’t be the only one reaching out in this relationship.

Come On Out – Airborne Toxic Event

And I said “come on out”! Heh. That flows with what we were saying. Right? I did come on out. I came out to Washington for an afternoon accidentally. One day I’ll go to Texas. Maybe. Probably not. It’s just so diametrically opposed to every way I live. Texas has humans. Are you diametrically opposed to humans? I guess? I cut the last 5 seconds of this song when I found out that my final cut was a few seconds over and now it ends really abruptly. I have a lot more appreciation for editors in general after trying to edit this. Boy I freaking wish we had some editors on this article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Runners – The Naked and Famous

I’ve been running every day the past 71 days in a row. Sure. Alright. Maybe not always running. Maybe I spent one day standing at a desk while holding a kettleball for an hour. And maybe you counted that day where I visited and we played spikeball for an hour and a half as your exercise. Hey! Spikeball has a lot of sweat and tears! And for you, mostly tears. Look, we can’t all be spikeball ambassadors, which I’m pretty sure is the name of the band that did “Unsteady”. Boy I freaking think this article is unsteady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy – Bastille

Going back to those times you call me, I do honestly feel joy when I see your name light up the screen. Thank you. Boy I freaking wish I felt joy writing this article!!!!!!!!! No deflecting allowed on this one. Fine. You’re welcome. It’s fun to talk. It has been a month and a half or so since we talked. You probably should call me. Yeah, but I just got this…

Frail State of Mind – The 1975

We all do. And just like the song says, don’t lie behind your frail state of mind. I’m trying. But I do struggle with “reaching out”, even if I’m great at responding when someone else reaches out. I do not miss the calls like this guy does so obviously I’m healthy. I hope you are. But it’s 10 PM on the start of your three-day weekend, and your only plans for the weekend are to buy a Mother Day’s card and a birthday present for your sister. I need all three days to pick that present out, can’t blame me. We aren’t…

Orphans – Coldplay

Great transition. I wanna know when I can go back and get drunk with my friends. You’ve literally never done that. I was extremely drunk when I performed this for my birthday. No, no you weren’t. Alright, fine, you’re right. I was sober. But whenever I’m outside, I do always think “I wanna know when I can go back and feel home again”. And that’s what this mix CD really is about. It’s not about being unlucky or whatever. It’s about making home where you can. Whether you’re over the moon or under a ladder. Thanks for reading! We have been Q&A! And live from New York! Its time to mix the love!

Intern, has the check cleared *this* time? No, of course not. Drat! Why are we even bothering to put this up? We have literally nothing else in the pipeline. Unless you want to finish that joke piece about a dude who became invincible after jogging for 71 days straight. Look, I’d love to, but I feel like I’d be lying due to those recent days I’ve been jogging indoors. You’d be lying regardless, since you cannot become invincible. That’s what you think. But I’ll prove you wrong one day. Maybe it just takes 15 straight years of blogging to do it. Or 15 straight years of not paying the intern. Great point. Let’s try that out.

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