Pungry’s Thirsty: Gray’s Root Beer

Before I get to the root beer, let me set the scene: I had just come home from a long tennis match about an hour away from where I live. On the way there and back, I’m playing against my coach in Mario Kart DS (and destroying him, obviously) and having heated races. At the match, my partner and I won 6-2, 6-1 and finished in 45 minutes, but one match lasted 2 hours. I watched one of those hours and man, it was exhausting to watch. I also went to Subway and ordered a chicken sandwich and nothing else.

SO, my point is, I was near physical and mental exhaustion when I got home about 5 minutes ago and opened this root beer. I wasn’t expecting much more than a normal root beer, but even that at the state I was in would’ve been amazing. Unfortunately, this thing was even more of a letdown than Gray’s Anatomy season 2. It didn’t have any flavor at all. But maybe that’s just the dehydration talking.

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