Pungry’s Thirsty: Manhattan Special Sarsaparilla

You know, considering the general reputation for the East Coast, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Manhattan Special” was some slang for spitting in a dude’s drink. Hopefully a company trying to make money wouldn’t be following their company’s namesake down to a t. Anyway, Sarsaparilla is the second root in root beer and the one that gives it the racy yet mild aftertaste. It’s also a root.

The bottle for this one is weirdly shaped and carries a bit less soda than a normal bottle. It also carries a bit less quality than a normal bottle!!!! I dunno, the taste of it is pretty boring. It doesn’t have much of a flavor up front and instead puts all its eggs in the aftertaste but it is pretty eh. Now I remember why I stopped doing these things.

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Making strained metaphors funny.
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