Pungry’s Thirsty: Stubborn Soda Classic Root Beer

The fine folks at Stubborn Soda (excuse me, Stub-backwards b-orn Soda) come from Ireland. And with a name like Stubborn and an Irish background, you will not be surprised to hear that these guys branded themselves as “tough, no nonsense brewmasters”. As if they were making Guinness or something. Now, that’s fine for beer and other swillwater, but to take a tough guy attitude on creating soda? That’s just ludicrous. I can’t imagine anyone branding themselves as “Tough Saltwater Taffy” or “Headstrong Balloons”. Ooh, that last one is a good band name.

Anyway, what doesn’t matter is the creator’s attitude about making root beer, but rather the flavor. As with every “classic” or “old-time” or “old thyme” root beer, Stubborn Soda is stubbornly boring. The use of cane sugar makes the taste even sweeter than standard American quaffs, making the name “stubborn” even stupider sounding. This root beer should’ve been stillborn, not stubborn.

I’m sorry.

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Making strained metaphors funny.
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